A patient story of care by Clifton Audiology

When Sally Newell was recommended the services of Clifton Audiology, she was suffering from dizzy spells and occasional hearing loss. Sally shares her story of care and the support she received from the Clifton Audiology team.

What symptoms did you have?

I had major dizzy spells resulting in nausea and vomiting, followed by needing to sleep for a few hours. My hearing appeared to drop out on occasion too.  

How did it impact your everyday life?

The impact on my daily life increased from day to day after having a dizzy spell, waiting for the next one.  They came with no warning. I was mindful if I had to make a long car trip, driving with passengers or even on my own.  I had to make conscious decisions to actually complete tasks, but it did not stop me from doing activities, individually or in group situations.

How did you find out about Clifton Audiology?

Clifton Audiology and their services were recommended to me by a consultant at Spire Bristol, where I had attended to obtain a second opinion on my hearing and balance issues. These issues had been ongoing since August 2014.

What treatment did you receive?

I had a hearing test and balance exercises to complete before my next appointment. I also had full vestibular testing.  These tests confirmed that I had a weakness in my balance centre on my left side, this had resulted from a serious ear infection in August 2014.

I had appointments on a regular basis from August 2019 until April 2020.  These sessions included reviewing progress from the previous appointment, how I felt the exercises I had been given had helped or not, and then planning to omit the exercises or change them to build on what progress I had made. 

What were the Clifton Audiology team like?

The whole team were very professional in their approach. Telephone calls and emails were always received promptly.  If I had cause to contact Clifton Audiology, Millie was very helpful and polite and dealt with any enquiry I had.  

I was the first client to have vestibular testing at Clifton Audiology. Jonathan was very patient with me during my testing procedure and explained in great detail what testing he would be doing and how it would affect me.  This put my mind at rest, and even though the testing was uncomfortable at times, I felt prepared for this.

The majority of my appointments were with Mercedes.  I cannot praise her enough.  Her approach was second to none.  She helped me through some quite difficult times with my balance issues. I felt very comfortable in discussing how I was feeling and coping with these issues.  Every set of balance exercises I was given were explained in great detail and demonstrated. These exercises were printed out at the appointment and also emailed to me. 

At the following appointment, we discussed each exercise in detail, how I felt it had helped me and how I felt when completing these exercises.  The progress of these exercises was steady with minimal regression/plateauing.  Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 issue, my final appointment was a telephone one.  I was contacted promptly and had my allotted time. Final exercises were emailed to me with a covering email reassuring me that I could contact Clifton Audiology for any further questions/queries.

Would you recommend Clifton Audiology?

I would highly recommend the services of Clifton Audiology.  The team have been nothing but professional.  They genuinely care for their clients and have complete faith in the services they provide.

If you identify with any of Sally’s symptoms or want to know more about our balance testing and rehabilitation service then please get in touch.