About Clifton Audiology


About Clifton Audiology

It’s our support that sets us apart


At Clifton Audiology we have over 30 years’ experience helping people to successfully manage their hearing, tinnitus and balance symptoms.

We’ll assist you through diagnosis, treatment or therapy, addressing any ear-issues that might be affecting you. We might suggest a hearing aid if you need one but we’re much more interested in getting to the root of the problem, offering tailored professional advice to meet your needs. 

fiona watts
Mercedes Collins
Jonathan Doyle

Fiona was chair of her professional society in Hearing Therapy in the 80’s (BSHT). She is an established authority on Audiology and Hearing Therapy. Fiona has always spoken out on the need for Audiologists to better support patients.

When she returned from studying in the US, she single-handedly created a unique clinic for patients with learning disabilities. One that could offer a holistic diagnostic and rehabilitation service. In 1995, Fiona was part of the team with ENT Consultant, Philip Robinson to establish the still-thriving Adult West of England Cochlear Implant programme at Southmead Hospital.

Driven by the desire to spread holistic practice, Fiona created the Hearing Therapy Diploma with the University of Bristol, writing and delivering the course together with a colleague. The course then developed into a universally recognised BSc in Audiology. Fiona has been the primary Audiologist at Spire Bristol Hospital for over 20 years. She now continues her practice here at Clifton Audiology, supporting patients with kind expertise.

fiona watts
Mercedes Collins - independent audiologist

Mercedes is our Clinical Scientist, specialising in Audiological science, providing a compassionate and caring voice of support to all patients of all ages. She strives to go above and beyond for each and every patient to ensure they receive the highest quality of patient care.

Mercedes first studied for her BSc degree in Psychology at Cardiff University graduating in 2009. Mercedes then further explored human communication whilst studying for her MSc in Neurosensory Sciences specialising in Audiology. This allowed Mercedes to gain detailed knowledge of the hearing and balance mechanisms, their pathology, assessment and treatment plans.  

In addition to rehabilitation Mercedes works as our procedural lead to ensure our practice is up-to-date with the latest clinical and operational protocols at all times. This support has been pivotal for our return to practice throughout the COVID pandemic. 

Jon is an independent audiologist and brings a wealth of experience from his time practising as a clinician on Harley Street in London.

Jon first studied for his degree in neuroscience at the University of Manchester. Seeking to marry his fascination with the brain to his lifelong passion for music, he decided to undertake further study in audiology at University College London. Upon completion of his master’s degree Jon began cultivating expertise with cutting edge hearing and balance technology, and ever since has been providing independent audiologist services to patients and musicians alike. Always calm and brimming with knowledge, Jon is well equipped to listen to your needs and tackle concerns with the best solutions available.

Independent audiologist Jonathan Doyle
Sarah Thorp

Sarah is our Operations Manager at Clifton Audiology. Within this role she strives to offer an efficient and effective support for the practice.

Sarah has worked at Clifton Audiology for over four years initially within the accounts department. From this she displays a high level of self-motivation and interest. Sarah‘s communication and interpersonal skills have continued to develop effortlessly and this has allowed her to improve the overall customer experience here at Clifton Audiology. She enjoys working within this company, in particular experiencing the challenges that a unique small business is likely to face.

Sarah spends her spare time with her family enjoying Golf and Rugby.

Mehreen is our clinical audiologist who brings a wealth of experience from almost a decade in the NHS diagnosing and treating adults and children of all ages. 

Mehreen graduated in 2016 with a BSc ( Hons) Healthcare Science (Audiology). She completed her training at Londons top and busiest Ear hospitals: The Royal Free Hospital and the Royal National Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital. 

A calm and compassionate individual, Mehreen always strives to go above and beyond for each patient by taking a holistic and patient-centred approach.

Mehreen Malik - independent audiologist