Ear Syringing Bristol

If you’re searching for ‘ear syringing Bristol’ then you’ve likely heard about the technique and thought you might need it to remove ear wax.

The truth is, ear syringing may not be the right option for you as microsuction is safer, cleaner, more comfortable and less invasive.

How Does Ear Syringing Work?

Ear syringing involves squirting water into the ear to remove ear wax which is washed out with the water as it cannot get further than the ear drum.

If this technique is still being used today, then it’s only for soft or loose wax, as hard wax will need to be softened first.

Ear Syringing vs Microsuction

Ear syringing uses water to the flush the wax out rather than a low-pressure suction tube with microsuction. Microsuction is a more recent procedure and preferred by practitioners and patients alike for being a more comfortable solution to a build-up of wax.

An important difference between the two is that the water from ear syringing will reach the ear drum and could be uncomfortable, even resulting in an infection, perforated ear drum and tinnitus. While microsuction removes the wax without needing to travel as far into the ear canal.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge to take on that pesky wax, head over to our Ear Wax Removal page.


Is syringing good for your ears?

Ear syringing—or irrigation—can be effective at removing ear wax but it’s not without risks: it could be uncomfortable, even resulting in an infection, perforated ear drum and tinnitus. A more comfortable way to remove wax is with a low-pressure suction tube called microscution.

Does the NHS still do ear syringing?

You may find that the local doctor’s surgery won’t provide this service anymore, but they can refer you to a specialist if the wax has affected your hearing.

Can I get my ears syringed at Boots?

Yes. Boots do offer this service but not in every store according to their website. If you find that your local store doesn’t offer this service, then we will be happy to help you with ear wax removal.

Do pharmacies do ear syringing?

Most pharmacies will sell products to help you remove the wax at home yourself rather than perform the service for you. An audiologist will be more than happy to help with your issue using a more up to date method called microsuction.

Are Specsavers doing ear syringing at the moment?

No. Specsavers have switched to offering microsuction instead of ear syringing.