New Balance Testing Service

Using state of the art video-eye recording and neurophysiological equipment Clifton Audiology can now assess inner ear function to help diagnose balance disorders

New Balance testing service

Vestibular Function Testing is the technical name for the balance testing service which will allow the team to get to the root cause of clients’ balance problems in order to provide them with targeted treatment.

Jonathan Doyle is one of the team who will perform the diagnostic testing. He holds a degree in neuroscience from the University of Manchester, as well as a master’s degree in audiology, and before joining Clifton Audiology worked as a clinician on Harley Street, London.

Jonathan says:

“The new testing equipment allows us to find exactly where the problem is and along with consideration of our clients medical history, suggest a diagnosis based on the results.”

The vestibular system is a portion of the inner ear which assists your balance, and often dizziness or vertigo can result from an issue in this organ.

On the outcome of your diagnostic report, the team will advise clients of the most appropriate treatment and can customise an effective vestibular rehabilitation programme which will be carried out by one of the team, including Fiona Watts, Clinical Director and Audiologist and Hearing Therapist and Mercedes Collins, a Clinical Scientist in Audiology.

Fiona says:

“Finding the cause is just the start of the process, our rehabilitation service helps our clients take control of their symptoms, improve them and regain their confidence.”

Please note, Clifton Audiology always advises consulting with your GP / dedicated healthcare professional first before booking an appointment.

If you are referred by an ENT, GP, or other speciality consultant, they will be sent a detailed copy of the report and results two working days after the appointment.