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Ear Wax Removal Bristol


Microsuction is the gentlest solution

Safer, cleaner, more comfortable, and less invasive. Microsuction ear wax removal is for patients with a build-up of wax in one or both ears.

How do you know if you have a build-up of ear wax?

You may be experiencing one or more of the following:

How does ear wax removal work?

A trained professional will inspect the wax to see if it’s soft enough before removing. Too hard and softening drops will be used at home before returning.

  1. The audiologist will look in your ears using an otoscope to assess the firmness of the wax.
  2. If the wax is soft, the audiologist will gently insert a small, low-pressure suction device into your ear and remove the wax.
  3. If the wax is too hard, we will advise that you use wax softening drops before booking you in for a second appointment to remove the wax.

Why choose Clifton Audiology for ear wax removal Bristol?

Our highly trained, expert audiologists have over 30 years’ of experience, so you’re in safe hands. Our microsuction earwax removal method is the safest and gentlest option to solve your discomfort in a quick, 30-minute appointment.

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We offer an ear examination, removal of wax and advice for anything else that you might need.

Microsuction uses a powerful microscope and a gentle suction device to sort the problem quickly, usually in just one 30-minute appointment. A couple of drops of olive oil per day for a week before treatment can help to ensure the microsuction is successful. But you don’t need to wait weeks for drops to soften the wax.

ear wax removal bristol

“I was very happy with the service - after not being able to hear properly for several weeks, the microsuction made a difference in a matter of seconds.

Jonathan was very reassuring, professional and explained the process clearly. I had a follow-up appointment with irrigation to remove further build-up, which again was very straight forward and painless. The reception staff were friendly and kind. Overall an excellent experience! Thank you.”

~ Katherine


How can I remove ear wax at home?

It is not advisable to insert fingers or cotton buds into your ear to remove wax as this could make the situation worse. Instead, use ear drops from your local pharmacy, and if this still doesn’t work then call 0117 901 2526.

Does the NHS still remove ear wax?

Yes and no. Some do still provide this service with ear irrigation by flushing with water or microsuction with a low-pressure suction tube, but not all do. A lot of practices have classed this as a specialist procedure and you may have to pay.

Is it worth getting ear wax removed?

For most people, wax won’t be an issue, but for some, excessive build-up may cause discomfort. When this is the case, it is best to seek the help of a professional as it is possible to make the situation worse with fingers, cotton buds and especially electronic devices.

How do you remove deep ear wax at home?

Ear drops from a pharmacy should do the trick in just a few minutes, but if not, you may need professional help using a low-pressure microsuction tool to remove the ear wax.

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Earwax Removal Bristol

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