Inner ear balance explanation


Inner ear balance explanation

At Clifton Audiology we pride ourselves on putting our patients first and giving them the best care possible.

“I’d like to place on record my profound thanks for your dedication in diagnosing and treating my post-concussion hearing loss so successfully. Until my hearing test with you I had no idea how much hearing loss I’d developed. My new hearing aids have given my hearing back to me.

Prior to being fitted with my hearing aids I’d become socially isolated and was actively avoiding crowded social situations. Now, thanks to you, I’m back to normal and enjoying life again! All the staff at Clifton Audiology have been so kind and understanding; you’ve all helped me to accept my hearing loss and move on with my life.

You and your colleagues have helped me to view my hearing aids as a normal part of my life and I need not be self-conscious about wearing them. My Oticon hearing aids are very easy to live with and wearing them now feels totally natural.

The service provided by Clifton Audiology has been professional and welcoming and it’s always a pleasure to visit you.”

~ Paul Sturdee

“Brilliant. The receptionist was so helpful initially, moving a couple of appointments to fit me in when I was really desperate to be seen. The micro-suction procedure was quick and painless and I had instant relief after weeks of tinnitus, hearing loss and pain. I definitely recommend!”

~ Catriona Hayes

“I attended my appointment at Clifton Audiology on the 22nd of January following weeks of blocked ears, and a different organisation having previously attempted microsuction twice yet failing to remove the wax. I called and spoke to Clifton Audiology and was given advice on preparation for the visit. I had called several other local audiologists by this stage after an online search, as I simply wanted the problem resolved. From the first contact with Clifton Audiology and by the questions and information they requested, I already had confidence from the start that things would go well – none of the others asked the same questions, they simply took the booking.

Mr Jonathan Doyle carried out the microsuction and removed the wax with ease. He explained in detail exactly what he was doing and why during the process. While I’m sure others out there offer a great service, I can only say that my experience using Clifton Audiology was first class and I highly recommend them; a very professional and friendly service.”

~ Paul Thorne

“Fantastic service and very professional. In and out in no time, and really well prepared with covid procedures to keep everyone safe. So happy to get my hearing back!”

~ Chris Stitt

“First class service, really impressed. Full hearing test, all levels of suitable device advice, excellent fitting service and follow-up consultations. Fully satisfied. Thanks, Jon. Highly recommended.”

~ Ian Ferris

“Recently went in for a microsuction/ear cleaning procedure – Jon couldn’t have been more friendly, reassuring or professional throughout. Would definitely recommend to anyone.”

~ Edward Blackburn

“Clifton Audiology provides a brilliant service. The staff are great at making parents and children feel at ease! I would highly recommend.”

~ Nicola Spencer

“I was very happy with the service – after not being able to hear properly for several weeks, the microsuction made a difference in a matter of seconds. Jonathan was very reassuring, professional and explained the process clearly. I had a follow-up appointment with irrigation to remove further build-up which again was very straight forward and painless. The reception staff were friendly and kind. Overall an excellent experience! Thank you.”

~ Katherine High