Why it’s important to always seek help with any hearing loss

This story about BBC radio broadcaster, Helena Merriman’s hearing loss journey encapsulates why it’s key to seek out an audiologist when you suffer any hearing loss.


There are numerous reasons why you might notice a change in your hearing and many of them are nothing to worry about, but Helena’s story shows that seeking professional help can both provide a diagnosis and supply ways to treat the problem.

Helena suffers from otosclerosis, which is relatively common problem with one to two percent of the population suffering from it. However, it is particularly prevalent in women who have recently given birth. This is because of the effect that the pregnancy hormones have on the female body, which fast-tracks the disease.

While Helena’s hearing is not completely back to normal getting help has made her be able to manage the issue. 

Whether it is surgical intervention, hearing aids or therapeutic help there is always something that can be done to support someone who is suffering with hearing loss. There is not always a quick fix but at Clifton Audiology we will give our patients the tools and advice they need to continue enjoying life regardless of their diagnosis.   

Following Helena’s diagnosis, she now presents a regular podcast on BBC Radio 4, in which she interviews people who – like her – were changed by a diagnosis.